Wills (ERO ERO D/ACW2/318 will of Eliz Cooke of Earls Colne 1589)

24.3.1589 (Monday 24 March 1589)

document 3000754

in the name of god amen the 24.3.1589 I Eliz Cooke of Earls Colne in the county of Essex widow and within this diocese of London being sick in body but of good and perfect remembrance thanks be unto almighty god do ordain and make this my present testament containing therein my last will in manner and form following viz first I bequeath my soul unto almighty god and my body to be buried where it shall please mine executors item I give unto Kath Okefilde my brother Jn Oakfeild's daughter one feather bed and a pewter dish item I give unto Ellen Okefilde her sister my frysadne gown item I give and bequeath unto Nich Ashefeild's wife my joined bedstead which standeth in my kitchen item I give and bequeath unto Wm Grene of Colne Engaine a great chest standing in my sollar item I give unto Mary Grene daughter of Jn Grene of this town one platter of pewter item I give unto Ann the daughter of Nich Ashefild one pewter platter item I give unto Wm Sander son of my brother Wm Sander of Braintree one great cauldron item I give unto Joshua Nichole my biggest brass pot item I give unto his brother Edw Nichole my next brass pot item I give unto my brother Jn Brook's wife one pewter platter item I give unto Margt the wife of Nich Ashefild my white russet petticoat one covering and a blanket item I give unto old Wm Taylor my best chair and a cushion item I give unto Eliz Tayler daughter of the said Wm Tayler one tick pillow a pewter dish my mortar and the little table that standeth in the hall by my cupboard item I give unto Thos Mullyns my joined bedstead standing on my sollar over my buttery item I give unto Nich Ashefeilde one joined stool and to his son Jn one other joined stool item I give unto Eliz Dyer my goddaughter daughter of Jn Dier of Stisted one pair of canvas sheets item I give unto Jn Grene of this town one joined stool item I give unto Wm Tayllor son of Moses Tayler a latten candlestick and a pewter salt item I give unto Jn Crabb a joined stool all which legacies gifts and bequests before to every person and persons by this my present testament bequeathed and given I will they and every of them shall be delivered unto them presently after my decease and all the rest of my goods unbequeathed I wholly give them unto my sister Joan (may be Joan) and I ordain and make mine executors Jn Grene sen of Earls Colne and Robt Read of the same town in whom I put all my faithful trust in this behalf as my faithful friends in witness whereof I have hereunto put my hand the day month and year first above mentioned etc mark Eliz Cook witnesses to this testament Wm Man and me Edw Reade writer probate 9.4.1589 on oath of executor