Wills (ERO D/ACW2/344 will of Joan Fuller of Earls Colne 1589)

6.4.1589 (Sunday 6 April 1589)

document 3000904

memo the 6.4.31Eliz1 a note of such good as Joan Fuller of Earls Colne in the county of Essex widow deceased did bequeath and give to any as followeth viz imprimis I give unto Nich Ashefilde one mat being on the sollar and one cupboard standing in the buttery item I give unto Margt the wife of the said Nich Ashefeilde my best flock bed my best bolster my best coverlet my stained clothes in the house and buttery item I give unto Ann Ashefild daughter of the said Nich Ashefeild one little kettle and one fustian pillow and a pillowbere with an open seam and one red petticoat item I give unto my cousin Kath Okefeild my best blanket and one bolster item I give unto my sister Brooke my best gown item I give unto Eliz Brooke daughter of my sister Brooke my other gown item I give unto my sister Brook's four children my feather bed item I give unto Alice Bynder that best gown which was mother Cook's item I give unto Geo Sokes one skillet item I give unto Dyer's wife of Stisted my great chest in my chamber item I give unto Robt Man my bedstead and two saucers and a latten candlestick item I give unto Wm Man my biggest kettle one keler my biggest skillet pan item I give unto goodwife Potter of Colne Engaine my other flock bed and I give unto her daughter Joan a pewter dish item I give unto Ann Greene daughter of Wm Grene of Colne Engaine my worst coverlet item I give unto the widow Hunte of Colne my best russet petticoat one blanket for a bed and I give Juda Hunte my other working day petticoat and my worst gown item I give unto Mary Grene daughter of Jn Grene of Colne one tick pillow and a pewter dish item all the rest of my goods saving the charge of my burial and other charges I do wholly give them unto my brother Brooke and I ordain and make my faithful friend Jn Grene and Robt Reade as friends of trust to see these process which I have given unto any one delivered according to the intent and true meaning hereof