Wills (ERO D/ACW7/88 Wm Dishborne alias Coocke 1605/6 1606)

21.3.1606 (Friday 21 March 1606)

document 3400005

in the name of god amen the 21.3.1606 etc. I Wm Dishborne alias Coocke of Earls Colne in the county of Essex labourer being sick in body but of perfect mind and remembrance thanks be given to god do ordain and make this my testament containing therein my last will in manner and form following viz I commit my soul to almighty god my creator and maker and to jesus christ my only redeemer and to the holy ghost my sanctifier and preserver and my body to the earth from whence it came to be decently buried item I give and bequeath to Nich Dishborne my son my cupboard in the chamber my table with the frame and the stools in the hall one kettle of three gallons new banded one pewter dish and 10li10s of lawful english money which is due to me from mr Nich Bleake of Ware also I do give to him 4li6s due to me from mr Robt Chipperfield householder at Bunningford in the county of Herts conditionally that if my said son shall not keep his service with whom he shall be bound then I will that his part before given shall remain to Grace my wife and Eliz my daughter equally between them also I will that my said son shall pay his mother's rent from michaelmas next come two years after the date hereof also I will that my said son shall pay unto his mother 20s within three years next after my decease and further I will that my son shall pay that 12s which is due to Hen Abbott the younger from his mother also I will that he shall give unto Jn Strutt my godchild 12d item I give and bequeath to Eliz my daughter my trundle bed with the flockbed the bolster one pillow and the table with the frame in the chamber one great kettle one pewter platter one chest with a casting sheet and a pillowbere and a face cloth item I give to Grace Clarke (may be Grace Clarke) my kinswoman three table napkins to be delivered unto her presently after my decease all the rest of my movables and goods unbequeathed I give to Grace my wife except one bond betwixt Robt Chipperfield and myself and one chest which I give to my said son also I do ordain and make Nich my son my sole and only executor to see this my last will and testament performed in witness whereof I have put to my hand and seal the day and year first written mark Wm Dishborne alias Coke sealed and delivered these words were put out and interlined before the sealing and delivering hereof in the presence of us mark Chas Huntman mark Nich Harrys by me Franc Hampton