Wills (ERO D/ACW12/20 Wm Stephens of Wakes Colne 1634)

20.12.1634 (Monday 20 December 1634)

document 3901534

in the name of almighty god amen I Wm Stephens of Wakes Colne being of good remembrance thanks be to the almighty do here ordain and make my last will and testament revoking all other heretofore by me made first and principally I do commend my soul into the hands of almighty god my creator trusting alone to be saved by the passion and merit of our blessed lord and saviour jesus christ and my body to the earth from whence it came concerning my worldly goods that the lord hath lent me I do dispose of them as followeth first my mind and will is that my house and land in Fordham called Robbins and my house and land in Ardly and other parishes in the occupation of Amery and my woods lying in Ardly the one containing 4a and the other 1a to be sold to the best advantage by my executors hereunder named to pay and discharge my debts the which it will do at the full item I will and my mind is that my daughter Ann Stephens and my daughter Martha Stephens do receive and take the first four years rent that shall be due out of the house and land in the occupation of Wm South next after my death being 25li the year that is in all the four years rent cometh to 100li and my meaning is that my daughter Ann shall receive the first years rent and my daughter Martha the second and my daughter Ann the third and my daughter Martha the fourth item I give unto my said daughters Ann and Martha 50li apiece more that is in my son Math Stephens his hand and due to be paid after the death of one of my brother Math Stephens his daughters out of a farm lying in Wickborow as it appeareth by writings between us sealed and delivered item I give unto my daughter Mary the wife of Wm Kitson the other 100li in my son Math his hands to be paid by him out of the said lands at Wickborow after the decease of another of the daughters of my said brother Math Stephens item I will and my mind is that after my daughters Ann and Martha have received the four years rent to them as abovesaid then I will that my executors that sell the said house and lands with all and singular the appurtenances and of the money that it shall be sold for to pay unto my sons Jn Stephens Sam Stephens Geo Stephens Ralph Stephens to every one of them 100li and to my son Thos Stephens 40li and to my daughter Sweno 20li and to my daughter Scott 5li and to Sam Sweno 5li item I give unto Wm Stephens my son his heirs my copyhold house and land in which I now dwell according as I have already given surrendered also I give unto the said Wm Stephens my son all the freehold lands and meadows to the same house belonging or which the same usually occupied and also all the stock abroad in the fields and barns either corn or cattle upon condition that the said Wm Stephens do discharge and pay such debts as he stands bound with me to pay item my will and mind is that if there be any overplus of the money then I here appoint lands to be sold to pay my debts that it be equally divided amongst all my sons also if there be any overplus of the money that the messuage wherein South dwelleth shall be sold for that it be likewise divided amongst those that I have appointed to the have legacies out of it and if it fall out short to be in like manner abated amongst them item I give unto Geo Stephens my son and to his heirs my reversion that I have after the death of Jn Momt of the lands and meadows called Bares lying in Ardly item I give unto Ann Stephens one featherbed one brass pot the new great kettle six pewter dishes and my little silver salt and three silver spoons item I give unto Martha Stephens my daughter one featherbed single# one brass pot the cauldron six pewter dishes the silver goblet and three silver spoons item I give unto my son Math 40s to make him a ring and to his children 20s apiece Wm Stephens item my will and mind is that my executors shall have the bring up of my son Ralph to be brought up in the fear of god and to put him out to some house and good calling as shall be thought fit for him and that they keep the 100li given unto him until he shall come to the age of 21yr and then to pay the sum unto him by either the increase that they shall cause of the sum item I will that if my son Wm Stephens do die without issue then I give my house and lands with the appurtenances in Wakes Colne unto Sam Stephens my son and to his heirs item I appoint my sons Math Stephens and Wm Stephens executors of this my last will also my mind is that all such household stuff as I have not bequeathed I give Wm Stephens my son and I do in the name of almighty god require and desire my executors that they would deal faithfully and lawfully in executing this my last will and to have an especial care in bringing up my youngest son Ralph in the fear of god and in such a course of life as he may live to be a good member in the commonwealth this is all at this present that I remember concerning my will and if I do give away any trifles hereafter I will set them down hereunder in mine own hand written as this my will is in witness that this is my last will and testament I have hereunto set my hand containing one sheet of paper and this half sheet dated the 20.12.1634 Wm Stephens