Person Index - John Stephen

Appears in the text as:
Wednesday 20 October 1395Earls Colne Rental43600397 43600408
Saturday 8 December 1401Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls54201211
Tuesday 7 November 1402Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls54301033
Tuesday 5 June 1403Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls54300228
Tuesday 9 December 1403Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls54400007
Saturday 10 December 1405Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls54400577 54400667
Thursday 13 December 1407Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls54600007 54600117
Tuesday 5 June 1408Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls54600790
Monday 14 January 1409Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls54700593 54700632
Thursday 9 January 1410Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls54800007
Saturday 21 December 1413Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls55001696
Thursday 26 April 1414Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls55101051
Monday 5 November 1414Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls55101088
Saturday 20 February 1417Earls Colne Rental43700949 43700973
Thursday 3 March 1418Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls55400156
1429Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls56500353
Wednesday 11 October 1430Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls56603437
January 1455Earls Colne Rental43801652 43801750
July 1468Earls Colne Rental43901166
Saturday 29 September 1543Colne Priory Accounts45400524 45400559
Monday 29 September 1544Colne Priory Accounts45500533 45500558
Wednesday 29 September 1546Colne Priory Accounts45600626 45600667
Thursday 29 September 1547Colne Priory Accounts45700701 45700756
Saturday 29 September 1548Colne Priory Accounts45800715 45800764
Monday 29 September 1550Colne Priory Accounts45900652 45900693 45900706
1599Chancery Depositions17500716 17500729
Thursday 29 November 1599Chancery Depositions17500852
Monday 21 April 1600Chancery Depositions17500957
Wednesday 3 April 1616Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls37800416 37801241
Thursday 4 April 1616Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls33500451 33501016
Wednesday 23 October 1616Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls37801246 37801631
Thursday 24 October 1616Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls33501021 33501472
Saturday 5 December 1616Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls33501476 33501547
Thursday 9 April 1618Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls37801636 37802153
Friday 10 April 1618Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls33600005 33600427
Wednesday 7 October 1618Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls37900005 37900565
Thursday 8 October 1618Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls33600432 33600751
April 1619Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls37900570 37901185
Friday 9 April 1619Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls33600756 33601260
Tuesday 18 May 1619Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls37901190 37901753
Wednesday 19 May 1619Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls33601265 33602310 33602925
Tuesday 18 April 1620Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls38000005 38000658
Wednesday 19 April 1620Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls33700005 33700695
Tuesday 8 August 1620Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls38000663
Wednesday 9 August 1620Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls33700700
Friday 5 January 1621Quarter Sessions Rolls20501627
Tuesday 23 April 1622Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls38100005 38100579
Wednesday 24 April 1622Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls33701205
Monday 20 December 1634Wills3901534
Friday 6 January 1654Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls34900848 34900924 34900990 34901064
Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls39100857
Sunday 4 February 1711Wills5500005
1854Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory80000380