Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000380

Copyhold of Priory - quitrent 12s - 2s quitrent apportioned to Osgood Hanbury in 1848 leaves mr Hills quitrent 10s - Robt Hills esq 30.10.1830 death of father Phil to both parcels of Goss Fen and Cote Croft - to one of which mr Phil Hills was admitted on the surrender of Jn Barnard in 1798 - and the other on the surrender of Wm and Mary Prentice in 1825 The first parcel is described in the rolls as all those three closes of land with the appurtenances known by the name of Gosfen or Gosses containing by estimation 7a lying in the parishes of White Colne and Colne Engain. The second parcel - all those two crofts of land parcel of Goss Fen etc in the parishes of White Colne and Colne Engain, containing by estimation 7a - heretofore divided from the residue of Goss Fen

divided in 1629

1740 Jn Moss surrender of Eliz Smith (Frith, her maiden name, now Hind) to the first part - quitrent apportioned 6s

1773 Jn Kettle Stevens

1794 Jn Barnard

1798 Phil Hills esq

in 1848 mr R. Hills surrendered 2a2r32p parcel of Goss Fen to Osgood Hanbury esq and a quitrent of 2s was apportioned to it

1721 Thos Savill death of aunt to the second part - quitrent apportioned 6s

1757 Azariah Savill will of Thos

1767 Dan Leaper

1783 Mary Leaper death of husband

1799 Sarah Prentice

1825 Phil Hills esq

sketch plan

sketch from map of 1598 fo. 129 Cote Croft and Goss Fen

no. 1 Cote Croft 4a3r20p ( (2595) (2595a) )

no. 2 ditto 4a3r21p ( (1091a) (1091d) )

no. 3 Goss Fen 1a1r14p ( (1091) (1091c) )

no. 4 ditto 3a30p ( (1091b) (1091e) )

The dotted line through Cote Croft and Goss Fen shows the division of the property in 1629 - the small portion within the dotted line of No. 3 - marked a ( (1091) ) - was laid into Colne Park by the late mr Phil Hills - b ( (1091c) ) and c ( (1091d) ) were thrown into the park by mr Robt Hills - this is a separate field - and e ( (1091e) ) is the portion of Goss Fen containing 2a2r32p surrendered by mr Osgood Hanbury 0.11.1848 - see page 100 - while the name Cote Croft which forms the larger part of the copyhold is omitted in recent admissions, I know not (see mr Hills copyhold etc in collection of maps no. 5)