Wills (PROB11/524 Hen Abbutt 1710 1711)

30.8.1710 (Wednesday 30 August 1710)

document 5400964

as a codicil to my will I further add that whereas I have in my said will ordered that my daughter Rose Abbutt shall deliver unto my son Hen Abbutt all my hop poles upon payment unto my said daughter the sum of 350li my intent and meaning was and is that my said son Hen should and shall have only the hop poles standing and being upon the grounds belonging to the Hayhouse settled upon him and upon the hopground belonging to the tenement lately purchased of Hen Adams and that he shall pay the sum of 400li witness my hand and seal the 30.8.1710 Hen Abbutt witnesses Grace Owers Eliz Robinson (may be Eliz Robinson) Eliz Meadows Sarah Vangaver