Quaker Quarterly Meeting - marriage certificates (PRO RG6/1379)

15.4.1708 (Thursday 15 April 1708)

document 10200969

Jn Evens of Great Coggeshall in the county of Essex maltster son of Robt Evens of the same place cooper deceased and Mary Chandler of Great Coggeshall in the county of Essex daughter of Jn Chandler of Felsted in the same county grocer deceased having declared their intentions of taking each other in marriage before several public meetings of the people of god called quakers in Coggeshall and Earls Colne in Essex according to the good order used among them whose proceedings therein after a deliberate consideration thereof with regard unto the righteous law of god and example of his people recorded in the scriptures of truth in that case were approved by the said meetings they appearing clear of all others and consent of parties and relations concerned now these are to certify all whom it may concern that for the full accomplishing of the said intentions this 15.4.170 8 they the said Jn Evens and Mary Chandler appeared in a public assembly of the aforesaid people and others met together for that end in their public meeting place at Coggeshall in the county of Essex and in a solemn manner he the said Jn Evans taking the said Mary Chandler by the hand did openly declare as followeth friends I desire you to be my witnesses that I take this my beloved friend Mary Chandler to be my wife promising through the lord's assistance to be unto her a loving and faithful husband until it shall please the lord to separate us by death and then and there in the said assembly the said Mary Chandler did in like manner declare as followeth friends in the fear of the lord and in the presence of this assembly desiring you to be my witnesses that I take this my friend Jn Evens to be my husband promising with god's assistance to be unto him a loving and faithful wife until it shall please the lord to separate us by death and the said Jn Evens and Mary Chandler as a further confirmation thereof did then and there to these presents set their hands and we whose n ames are hereunto subscribed being present among others at the solemnizing and their said marriage and subscription in manner aforesaid as witnesses hereunto have also to these presents subscribed our names the day and year above written Jn Evens Mary Chandler Mary Appleford Ann Harris Susanna Lark Eliz Harris Eliz Clark Eliz Cockerton Jn Drywood Edw Nucomb Jn Turner Joshua Bangs Jn Thorn Robt Whaley Arth Bentall Joseph Turner Geo Baker Hen Turner Joseph Woodward Francis Hunwick jun Edw Davie Thos Babbs Wm Harvy Jn Perry (written very large) Thos Turner B enj Holme Edw Turner Thos Cooper Wm Haward Thos Thurgood Jeremy Summers Joseph Whitaker relations Robt Evens Eliz Evens Mary Purcas Robt Ludgater Jn Ludgater Robt Purcass Jn Ludgater jun Hannah Fryett Sam Clark Math Delloe jun Eliz Delloe Isaac Ludgater Hannah Ludgater Wm Ludgater jun