Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000001

The following illustrated rent-roll of the two manors was made by Hen Holgate Carwardine in 1854 The tenements and smaller portions holden by copy or free deed at an annual rent, are shown by a little sketch of the premises - the larger holdings, for a sketch of which there was not sufficient space in this book, are given in a separate collection of maps etc. - and referred to here according to their number etc. For tracing these properties, and attaching the respective copy and free rents to each holding, the old manorial documents afford ample materials:- those which I have chiefly consulted for the present purpose are:- the Terrier and large map of the two manors, etc. made from the survey of Israel Amyce esq in 1598 - which give separate and collective maps of the manorial property - with the quantity, abuttals, and names of the respective tenants at that date - but does not attach the copy or free rents to the holdings. In tracing the quitrents the rental; (which I have collated with many others of various dates) as appearing to have been made with great care and accuracy, are chiefly five.

1st. is dated 1645 in the handwriting of Rich Harlakenden 47 years after the great survey of 1598 and in the margin gives the dates of admission, back to the time when an account of the manorial fines appears to have been first kept by mr Harlakenden in 1610 (a small square book in parchment cover)

2nd. dated 1714 I think is in mr Wale's handwriting - and carries the alteration of property and the apportionment of quitrents etc. - on for 69 years longer - (this is in long loose sheets)

3rd. Is a parchment roll date 1734 - very clear and accurate

4th. Is a square book in parchment cover date 1751 to 1754 giving the tenants' names with the date of their admission in the margin - and also referring to two rough abstracts of title, one of the Priory manor in large detached sheets consecutively numbered - the other, of the Earldom in a small folio paper book in parchment envelope - from an early date and carried on at irregular intervals

5th. Is a small folio dated 1756 - gives the names of the owners and occupiers at that time, with the quantities of copyhold, and reference to the old Terrier and other sources of information - divisions of property - divisions and apportionment of quitrents etc.