Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

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Copyhold of Priory Xoph S. Farrow and Jn Jeremiah Mayhew 3.11.1852 under the will of Samuel Francis as trustees for his granddaughter Mary Sewell now the wife of Duncan Sinclair surgeon of Halstead - to all those 3r of meadow called Longthorpe or otherwise - quitrent 1s

and also to a grove and 10a of land called Much Readings situate in the parish of White Colne

Sam Francis was admitted 5.3.1802 on surrender of Wm King - when by a mistake of the then steward of the manor, the property was described as lying in Colne Engaine. This led to much discussion as to the locality of the land which was set right on admission of the trustees 3.11.1852

1852 death fine and half fine on admission of two trustees £45

1733 Joseph King

1770 Joseph King

1794 Wm King

1802 Sam Francis

Abstract of title no. 50

Survey 1598 Fo. 133 to 135

Three roods parcel of Longthorpe otherwise Longstarte vide my old Terrier of 1598 Fo. 128. There is a map but no quantity given. This is now called White Colne Common Meadow in the Commutation map of that parish 1840 the whole containing 3a2r4p. The portion attached to Much Reading No. 282 is 2r7p. I copied this from the map and have given it with a map of the copyhold of J.J. Mayhew called Lawshes in the same parish (vide - for map of Much Readings and all quantities of copyhold too large to be given in the margin of this book - see a collection entitled Maps of the Manor of Earls Colne and Colne Priory referred to in the rent roll of 1854 - map no. 1)

The lands called Much Readings being " a grove and 10a of land " contains in the whole 24a3r15p according to the Terrier and map of 1598 Fo. 135 - according to custom of many of the manors of the Earls of Oxford in the neighbourhood, the whole of the timber belonged to the lord, and the tenants (in cases of woodland) were only admitted " to the pasturage and underwood ". Thus on the rolls 1576 Jn Potter is admitted " to the pasturage and underwood " of a grove called Much Readings no quantity being mentioned. In 1620 Jn Potter to the like, in 1666 Jeff Potter " to the pasturage etc. of one grove of wood called Much Readings in White Colne " - " and also a wood and bushes of one grove of wood called Much Readings in White Colne now converted into arable and pasture land " - no quantity of woodland is here given - but in all subsequent admissions from this time the title runs - to a grove and 10a of land etc. I have made this research because the late mr S. Francis was inclined to dispute the quantity. In the manor of Berwick Hall formerly of the Earls of Oxford the claim for the whole of the timber has been made by mr Hume about 30 years ago and carried into court where an award was given in his favour. The present proprietor the rev W.E. Hume has now agreed to the more general custom of taking one third