Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000245

Wm Phil Honywood by his trustees 5.4.1832 under will of his father W.P. Honywood Free deed of the Priory - rent 2d - a parcel of land or garden called Porch-house Garden by free deed etc. and annual rent of 2d

Free deed of the Priory - and other lands thereto belonging by free deed etc. and the annual rent of 2d. Heretofore the estate of the widow Cockerell lying near Hope Green

301 (301) Commutation map - two cottages and garden - 1r14p Wm Clark - This is incorrect in description and occupation. Both these parcels of land were purchased of the wid Cockerell by Gen. Phil Honywood in 1775 and the tenure has been acknowledged and the rent paid by his successors since that time. The " other lands " - was a grant from the waste near Hope Green, sometimes described as 1a of land called Colne Acre and must have been adjoining her lands in the parish of Feering