Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000240

Free deed of the Priory - rent 2s2d Wm Phil Honywood by his trustees 5.4.1832 under will of his father W.P. Honywood acknowledges free tenure to a meadow called (Great) Kemborne Meadow heretofore sir Hildebrand Jacob bart., and since of     Aufrere esq

521 (521) in Commutation map - calling it Cambric Meadow 12a2r15p. There is a map and description in the old Terrier Fo. 80 makes it 14a30p - Kemborne Meadow lieth between Dagenhall towards the east and the meadow of     Little in the parish of Halsted towards the west. It was in the possession of sir H. Jacob 1754 sometime after which it passed into the hands of     Aufrere esq and in 1775 to Gen. Phil Honywood . The free rent was 1s8d and with this has always been paid 6d which I believe to be a modus for the great tithe of the Little Lodge now called Hungry Hall ( Hams# Farm included) one of the portions of Colne Park when it was divided into farms prior to 1598 . I have the deed of sale of this meadow from Rich Harlakenden to sir Jn Jacob 9.12.1631 in which the rent of 1s8d is reserved to the lord - as both properties are now in the same hands the free rent of 2s2d may as well remain undisturbed