Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000430

Colne Priory - quitrent 3d Bedo Hobbs 14.2.1817 on surrender of Jn Wade

To all that messuage etc. on Colneford Hill parcel of Sadlers

purchase fine £5

Copyhold of Priory - quitrent 8d - the same 19.6.1827 surrender of executors of Jn Lay to all that cottage or messuage with garden etc. parcel of Sadlers on Colneford Hill

purchase fine £10

1729 Dan Burdox

1760 Dan Burdox

1761 Hen Burdox

1762 Thos Kendall

1766 Jn Death

1790 Ambrose Death

1814 Jn Wade surrender of A. Death

1739 Jn Aldgate

1766 Eliz Aldgate and Jn

1770 Robt Hume

1785 Jn Clark

1818 Jn Lay surrender Jn Clark

both parcels of Sadlers united by mr Bedo Hobbs respective admissions

Copyhold of Priory - quitrent 1s - the same 18.10.1827 admitted on grant from the lord to a piece of ground parcel of the waste, lying in front of the cottages of the said Bedo Hobbs holden by copy of this manor - containing in length next the Colchester Road 33.5y and in breadth 18y - annual rent 1s

no. 122 (122) Commutation map 1836 - cottages and garden - 1r24p

sketch plan

These have been put into good repair by mr Hobbs - and the grant from the waste in front enclosed by a wall - Five tenements

a. ( (122) ) is the part surrendered by Jn Wade in 1817

b. ( (122a) ) the part surrendered by executors of Jn Lay 1827

c. the enclosure from the waste ground 1827

a. ( (122) ) is the last house in the parish, the premises beyond and at the back being in White Colne and half the road in front

Terrier 1598 Middleton in map

abstract title no. 22