Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000755

Hen Skingley 7.7.1840 surrender of executors of Mark Guyon copyhold of Priory - quitrent 11s

To all those two crofts of land called (parcel of) Millfield in White Colne containing by estimation 3a

and all that parcel of land (being parcel of Millfield ) with the buildings thereon containing 4a1r27p - lying between another parcel of Millfield east and a meadow called Holmes Meadow west one head thereof abutting upon Berthall Mead and the said Holmes Mead south and the other head upon another parcel of Millfield south

and to one other parcel of Millfield containing 1a3r lying between the last mentioned piece on the south and west

and also to one other parcel of Millfield containing 32p

1739 Edw Wash surrender Thos and Sarah Payne to the 4a1r27p - the 1a3r and the 32p

1773 Edw Wash death of father Edw

1791 Jas Wash death of brother Edw

1794 ditto to 3a to which his father was admitted 1744 on surrender of Geo Angier

1797 Edw Simpson surrender Jas Wash to the whole

1797 Mark Guyon surrender Edw Simpson

1825 Mark Guyon death of father Mark

1840 death fine - £31.10s

free deed of Priory - rent 1s

the same - doth acknowledge to hold by free deed, fealty etc. and the yearly rent of 1s a parcel of land by the name of Chalk alias Chalkney Pightle in White Colne

This parcel marked in White Colne Commutation map no.     The fences being now removed and the copy and freehold lands together. I have given the abuttals etc. at length - and the little map taken from the survey etc of 1598 will identify the copyhold with great certainty

sketch plan - numbers following relate to this

no. 1 ( (1019b) ) - 2a1r7p

2 ( (1019a) ) - 1a3r8p

3 ( (1018a) ) - 1a37p

4 ( (1018) ) - 4a1r27p

total - 9a2r39p

I believe the slip (no. 5 (1019c) ) called Long Croft Pightle and adjoining to the Longcroft leading to Chalkney Mill to be the parcel holden by free deed of the Priory manor called Chalk alias Chalkney Pightle

Survey and map 1598 fo. 123

abstract of title no. 22 and 22

The quitrent on the 3a was apportioned 4s6d, on the other parcels 6s6d together 11s