Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000750

Copyhold of Priory Rich Horseman Solly 24.3.1830 surrender Robt Jas Pudney to various lands constituting the farm now called Peartree Hall sometime Osborne's It would be in vain attempting to locate the respective parcels according to the description on the rolls - I therefore enter them with their respective quitrents according to the rental of 1756

quitrent £1.2s2d - a messuage and two-thirds of the lands formerly Machin's and Hull's containing 30a

quitrent 3s4d - the other third part of Machin's viz. goodman Till's and a croft of land under Colne Park

quitrent 1s6d - part of a messuage adjoining to the said messuage

quitrent 4d - a chaseway leading to the end of the said croft under Colne Park

quitrent 1s8d - a garden called Bushetts

quitrent 5s - a field called Well Field

quitrent 5s - a moiety of Oxney Fenn

1733 Jn Osborn death of father Edm Osborn

1765 Jn Leaper surrender Jn Osborn

1779 Dan Leaper will of father Jn

1783 Sarah Bridge for life will of half-brother Dan Leaper

1818 Robt Jas Pudney surrender trustees of D. Leaper after death of Sarah Bridge

the same 24.3.1830 surrender Robt Jas Pudney

quitrent 3s - to a parcel of Boomfields called Stonefield containing 4a - with a right through Boomfields

1732 Thos Hales surrender of father Thos

1778 Thos Hales surrender of his father in a marriage contemplated with Mary daughter of Edm Osborne and thence sometime called Jointure Field alias Stonefield

1782 Dan Leaper surrender Thos Hales

1783 Sarah Bridge will of brother Dan Leaper

1818 Robt Pudney surrender of trustees of D. Leaper on death of Sarah Bridge

1830 purchase fine - for whole of Peartree Hall £84

the same 1853 - grant from the lord

quitrent 1s - to all that parcel of the waste extending along the entire frontage, adjoining the highway, of certain copyhold lands of Colne Priory to which he was admitted on the 24.3.1830 on surrender Robt Jas Pudney abutting towards the west and north-west upon the highway leading from Earls Colne towards Coggeshall - and contains by estimation .5a

all enfranchised 1858

Commutation map 1836

273 (273) and 273 (273a) homestead and garden - 1a1r31p

269 (269) hop garden - 2a2r7p - and 269a (269a) ditto - 3r20p - in all 3a1r27p

270 (270) and 270 (270) Hop Garden Fen 4a1r39p

274 (274) (274a) Garden Field 6a12p

275 (275) Malting Field 6a9p

276 (276) Gravel Pit Field 4a29p

277 (277) Stone Field 3a3r24p

279 (279) Broad Field 7a2r10p

280 (280) (280a) Long Field 6a3r12p

281 (281) cottage and garden 33p

total 44a26p

From map made by Cole and Hale in 4.1818 the total is given as 45a

From survey and maps 1598 fo. 104-5 Rich Parker's land - 22a1r11p

fo. 101 Jn Church 6a1r16p

fo. 107 three field called Cutlers Crofts parcel of Boomes including the 4a called Stonefield alias Jointure Croft 21a3r14p

giving a total of 50a2r1p

Cole's map may be taken as the safe and fair quantity of the copyhold

Abstract of titles - with the divisions and out-divisions of this property and the names which it has acquired at different times vide nos. 33, 59, 71, 72 and 74

The sketch from the map of 1598 will show the respective proprietors at that time

see maps of mr Solly's property, too large to be inserted in this book