Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000745

Rich Horseman Solly 4.7.1810 surrender Sam Towle

copyhold of Earldom - quitrent £1.6s7d - to all those 16a in Lowfields next the dwelling house of Jn Wroe - and two crofts formerly one croft containing 8a in Lowfields under Chiffin and three crofts called Broomcrofts alias Wellfield

copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 13s4d - and also to those four crofts parcel of Lowfields containing by estimation 20a

the same 4.7.1810 surrender Sam Towle

copyhold of Priory - quitrent 4s - to all that aldercarr called Tilekiln Fen lying between a croft called Wellcroft on the one part and the demesne lands on the other, one head thereof abutting on parcel of Lowfields and the other head upon the highway near the tilekiln and the road leading from Colne to Coggeshall

copyhold of Priory - quitrent 7s10d - and all that field or parcel of land called (Little) Chiffins containing 4a - adjoining to the hop garden called Great Chiffins

and all that messuage there build. And all the other piece of land, late also parcel of Chiffins as the same was formerly divided from the beforementioned field called Chiffins but now in one and containing together 7a3r16p

1734 Eliz Clifford - will of father Edw Cressener and death of mother Eliz Cressener

1756 Sam Towle death of mother Eliz Clifford

1773 ditto suffered a recovery

1810 purchase fine    

Survey 1598 parcel of Lowfields Geo Cressener - fo. 33 - abstract of title page 153

Survey 1598 Broomfields alias Wellcroft fo. 34 - abstract of title page 155

Survey 1598 parcel of Lowfields Jn Pierson fo. 36 - abstract of title page 123

Survey 1598 Tilekiln Fen (called 3a2r16p) Geo Cressener fo. 76 - abstract of title no. 55

Survey 1598 Little Chiffins Margt Wood fo. 102 - abstract of title no. 34

Commutation map 1836 Rich H. Solly

94 (94) (94e) - two parcels of Chandlers Homestead taken out of Lowfields 1a2r30p - one laid to the same yard, the other to the orchard at the back of the house - Chandlers freehold being 1r5p leaves 1a1r25p

212 (212) the residue of the orchard parcel of Lowfields on which a tenement has been built in lieu of those allowed to be taken down nos. 95 (95) and 96 (96) 3r18p

207 (207) (207a) (207b) (207c) (207d) (207e) Long Field 8a2r36p

208 (208) Loompit Field 5a2r39p and 210 (210) Brook Field 5a14p - now in one - 10a3r13p

209 (209) (209a) (209b) Crabtree Field 8a3r23p

211 (211) Garden Field 4a3r35p

213 (213) Chase Croft 1a3r36p

214 (214) (214a) Dovehouse Field 7a1r26p, a portion of this is freehold being part of Kebles Croft (214a (214a) ) , about two thirds (the whole is 1a1r27p) the other third (214b (214b) ) being laid to Tilekiln Croft now called Pound Croft (vide map) deduct 1a for the two thirds - leaves copyhold 6a1r26p

216 (216) Tile Kiln Pasture - a portion of this has been enfranchised (30p) free rent 1d - at a court holden 2.4.1822 a deed of enfranchisement was enrolled - granted 2.10.1799 thirty sq. perches parcel of the marsh called Tilekiln Fen (sometime an alder car) in the Terrier 1598 fo. 34 and 76 - 16p whereof one parcel of a pasture called The Marsh and 14p parcel of a certain hopground also called The Marsh - together with 30p lying immediately behind the farm house called the Tilekiln - retaining an annual free rent of 1d - 3a16p

218 (218) Conduit Field 7a13p

220 (220) Little Crabtree Field 3a3r36p

total - 58a37p

This includes all the lands mentioned in the admissions of both manors on the other side - The total is less than the quantity mentioned in the rolls

sketch plan

94e (94e) shows the parcel of Lowfields laid to Chandelers farm yard - copyhold of Earldom on which various farm buildings lately erected

94 (94) shows the other portion of Lowfields as marked in Commutation map 1836 since restored to the orchard, except the corner marked 'c' (in sketch plan)