Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000740

Rich Horseman Solly 4.7.1810 surrender Sam Towle

copyhold of Priory - quitrent 1s6d - to all (should be parcel of) that cottage etc. in Holt Street sometime called The Middle House - sometime since converted into stables and out offices etc. attached to the mansion ( Chandlers )

14.1.1811 surrender Sam Towle copyhold of Priory quitrent 1s2d - to all that cottage and garden (this is the other parcel of The Middle House ) in Holt Street etc.

1723 Eliz Clifford - will of father Edw Cressener

1753 Eliz Towle death of mother Eliz Clifford

1756 Sam Towle death of mother Eliz

1773 ditto suffered a recovery

enfranchised 1858

the same 14.1.1811 surrender Dan Wittle Harvey

copyhold of Priory - quitrent 2s5d - to all that messuage formerly and now in two tenements with garden etc. in Holt Street

title same a preceding - except that it was purchased at the sale of mr Towle's property 1809 (lot 10) by D.W. Harvey who was admitted 4.7.1810 on surrender Sam Towle

enfranchised 1858

the same - free deed of Priory rent 1s6d - holds by free deed a mansion etc. called Chandlers containing 1r5p - and annual rent of 1s6d

the same - free deed of Priory rent 2d - holds by free deed a tenement called Cobbs Croft containing 20p - and annual rent of 2d. The title of these is the same as the foregoing from Clifford to Towle and the free tenure has been often acknowledged on the rolls - but not by mr R.H. Solly who continues to pay the free rents. He took possession on the sale of Towle's property 1809

Commutation map 94 (94) (94a) (94b) (94c) (94d) (94e) homestead, yard etc. R.H. Solly 1a2r30p

This includes two portions of Lowfield - one added to the farm yard and one to the orchard - Cobbs Croft parcel of the farm yard - and the site of parcel of cottages etc. called The Middle House no. 94d (94d)

sketch plan

no. 95 (95) (parcel of The Middle House ) 12p

96 (96) (cottage etc. next the George garden) 5p - both now laid unto Chandlers Garden and the cottages pulled down. These cottages were allowed to be taken down on condition that others should be built on parcel of Lowfields now called The Orchard no. 112 (212) (212) on the south side of the George Inn - which was not fairly carried out - only a small tenement being erected thereon

94a (94a) Cobbs Croft 20p free deed of Priory and annual rent of 2d long since laid to Chandlers farm yard

94b (94b) 94c (94c) Chandlers Mansion and part of farm yard containing 1r5p free deed of Priory rent 1s6d

94d (94d) parcel of The Middle House sometime stabling and now offices and part of garden to Chandlers - copyhold of priory quitrent apportioned 1s6d (lot xii)

95 (95) parcel of the The Middle House - which remained as a double tenement and garden till after sale in 1809 (lot xvi) - copyhold of Priory quitrent apportioned 1s2d

This division and apportionment took place when in possession of the Hutton's in 1682 Jn Cressener purchased Jn Hutton's part 94d (94d) and in 1685 he purchased Hen Hutton's part 95 (95)

96 (96) the double tenement next the George garden copyhold of Priory - quitrent 2s5d - lot x purchased by Dan Wittle Harvey

Cobbs Croft Survey 1598 fo. 81 - abstract of title no.    

Chandlers - Survey 1598 fol. 87 - abstract of title no.    

Middle House - Survey 1598 no. 144 - abstract of title no. 51

cottages next to George - Survey 1598 fo. 144 - abstract of title no. 38