Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000735

Copyhold of Earldom - quitrent 13s4d

Rich Horseman Solly 27.9.1821 surrender Jn Pitstow

and also all those two fields called Rushmeadow adjoining to the River Colne north-east and on the side of the road leading to Great Tey - and one other field called Rushfield adjoining Rushmeadow - containing together 10a - annual rent 13s4d

1723 Eliz Clifford - will of father Edw Cressener

1753 Eliz Towle death of mother Eliz Clifford

1756 Sam Towle death of mother Eliz

1773 ditto suffered a recovery

1810 Jn Pitstow surrender Sam Towle

1821 purchase fine, with Spoutcroft p. 150 - £42

Survey 1598 fo. 44-5

abstract of title p. 10

enfranchised 1858

Commutation map 1836 Rich Horseman Solly

131a (131a) part of Great Meadow 2a1r3p

135 (135) (135a) Rush Meadow 3a3r39p

134 (134) Lowfields 5a2r2p

136 (136) Rushfield 4a36p

total 16a

131 (131) (131b) the other part of Great Meadow 3a34p was called Syggs Meadow in the survey 1598 - and is freehold

133 (133) cottage and garden taken out of 134 (134) called Lowfields in the Commutation map was parcel of Rushfield surrendered by Robt to Thos Peartree 1603 (1606) The survey 1598 made before this small portion was surrendered gives the total quantity of Rushfield and Meadow 16a19p

deduct no. 133 (133) now Thos Hen Ambrose 1r21p

leaves 15a2r38p being about a rood less than the Commutation map. I know not why this is called only 10a on the rolls - in the early ones it is called 16a - viz 2Hen8 Alice Parker surrendered to her son Wm " a pasture, and meadow called Rush Meadow by estimation 16a "