Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000825

Copyhold of Earldom - parcel of Jouldens - quitrent apportioned 2d

Edm Smee surrender James and Priscilla Miles 24.1.1850 to all that toft or piece of ground whereon a tenement called Swinestye formerly stood - sometime the estate of Mary Hutton long since deceased etc

1733 Ann Bartholomew surrender Jn Wistoe

1770 Mary Hutton death of mother Ann Fell (formerly Bartholomew )

1791 homage present as fallen down - seized into hands of the lord

1830 Jas Miles admitted on grant from the lord

1850 purchase fine 15s

Commutation map no. 34 (34) (34a) - cottage and garden 16p. Jas Miles

This includes the freehold messuage adjoining (formerly of Jn Trowles old Terrier fo. 22) belonging to Jas Miles now Edm Smee - The copyhold is a small parcel of Jouldens separated from the rest of that copyhold under the will of Barth Clarke 1673 when his daughter Eliz Creake was admitted. In 1771 Mary Hutton was admitted and in 1791 the homage present that this tenement (parcel of Jouldens ) called The Swinestye had fallen down and that Mary Hutton was dead etc. - and it was accordingly seized into the hands of the lord. In 1792 an exact admeasurement of the copyhold ground was made by mr Hen Algar then the bailiff of the manor - as here inserted

sketch plan

and the same was let to Jn Ketley who occupied the adjoining free tenement. In 1830 Jas Miles was admitted to this parcel of Jouldens on a grant from the lord, he being then the proprietor of the free tenement

rough abstract of titles p. 33

Wm Smee (Edm Smee ) has rebuilt his freehold tenement (now a butcher's shop etc.) appears to have encroached a little on the adjoining copyhold which should have a frontage of 13ft - hardly worth claiming H.H.C. 1854