Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000900

Copyhold of Priory Jane Caroline Walker - trustees under marriage settlement - the rev Chas Wm and Hen H. Carwardine 2.4.1818 surrender Osgood Gee esq

to all that parcel of ground whereon a messuage formerly stood called Prills or otherwise - containing 6p8ft (sic) - quitrent 1s

andl also all that other part of the ground whereon a messuage formerly stood called Prills - being parcel of the beforementioned estate - quitrent 1s

1741 Eliz Humm alias Hume will of her husband Robt Hum to the two parcels of Prills

1744 Thos Hume will of father Robt and death of mother Eliz to parcel of Prills lying northward containing 6p and 80ft

1760 Mary Hume surrender Thos

1780 Mary Bentall surrender M. Hume

1782 Wm Bentall death of mother Mary

1784 Susan Bentall death of father Wm

1793 Thos Fowell Buxton surrender Susan Bentall to the first parcel of Prills

1744 Robt Hume will of his father Robt Hum and death of mother Eliz to the parcel of Prills lying southward

1782 Mary Hume will of father Robt

1793 Thos Fowell Buxton surrender of Mary and Robt Hume to second parcel

1794 Thos Fowell Buxton death of his father to the two parcels

1809 Osgood Gee surrender Thos Fowell Buxton

1793 mr Buxton paid a purchase fine of £5.15s6d - and a like sum for licence to pull down -

1818 fine excused - the tenant being daughter of the lord of the manor

Commutation map 1836 no. 78 (78) (78a) (78b) (78c) (78d) (78e) (78f) - This number included these two parcels of Prills - also the plantation by the side of the churchyard and the site of several tenements free and copy - pulled down my mr Buxton - and likewise the freehold premises called Brettings - being the residence of mr and mrs Walker - containing altogether 1a1r36p

Prills - Terrier 1598 - fo. 142 Adam Marsh

abstract of title no.    

Since the purchase by mr Watkinson in 1857 of these and other premises surrendered from mrs Walker's trustees - I have mapped them in connection with mr Watkinson's other property vide collected map no.    

In the admission of Mary Bentall 17.1.1780 the quantity of this parcel of Prills specified in the rolls is 6p and 80yds