Rental of the Manors of Earls Colne and Colne Priory (ERO D/DPr118)

1854 (1854)

document 80000995

Copyhold of Earldom - Thos Wing 30.8.1803 surrender executors of his late father Jas Wing
quitrent apportioned 1855 2sto all that parcel of his property called Three Acres near unto Hyndes Land (see back page 198)
quitrent 1s6dand also - one croft called Burrows formerly Rainham Burrows containing 3a
quitrent 1s2dand also 3r of meadow called Nokes and Burrows
quitrent 5s3d1hand also one parcel of land containing 4a called Burrows lying next to the said 3r of meadow called Nokes and Burrows
quitrent 4dand also one croft of land called Little Burrows
The title from Phil and Grace Robinson as on the other side (p. 198)
Thos Wing died 7.9.1854 and mr Jn Taylor was admitted to the above on surrender of executors 18.4.1855
The whole of mr Thos Wing's property, purchased by mr Jn Taylor in 1855 (including the " 3a near unto Hyndes Land " entered page 198) is given in the Commutation map - no. 487 (487) (487a) Hilly Field - 4a2r25p
488 (488) Wards Field - 2a3r31p
491 (491) Pale Gate Field - 4a1r12p
These three fields of arable now laid into one
489 (489) (489a) The Meadow - 3a2r2p
total 15a1r30p
See book of maps no.    
In Terrier 1598 - fo. 28 Burrowes Croft 6a2r23p and Burrowes Meadow 4a17p Wm Fisher
fo. 57 Rainham Burrows 3a1r17p Jn Church
fo. 31 - 3a near unto Hynds Land - 2a2r26p Jn Grene
total 16a3r3p
According to mr Wing's map and quantity mentioned in particulars of sale 23.11.1854 gives 16.5a

loose sketch plan

Thos Wing from parish map