Earls Colne and Colne Priory rental (ERO D/DPr111)

=.3.1615 (March 1615)

document 22200368

(beside the next tenant there are letter in the margin against each piece of land probably showing later owner) of Jn Churche gentleman for Barcroftemeade 4s2d of him for
B Bridge Tenement 2d (16a)
cousin (17) and for a tenement called Wardes 4d
bro and for Bridgemans Meade 6d
J and for a parcel of Chewniesland 2s4d
Jn Bridge and for Pondecrofte 3s4d P(inserted)
Jn Potter b and for a tenement called Mathewes alias Princes 7d
b (16) and for a piece of land called Raineham Burrowes 9d
J and for a field called Stoneleighe 6d
J and for Dovehousefield 5s P(inserted)
b Jn Potter and for Parkefield 8d
J Jn Bridge and for a parcel of Barcrofte 2d
B and for his tenement called Sonnelles 3d1h
M and for Little Bridgemans 2s
M and for Warkemans 5s7d
M and for parcel of Lowefields 5s
P of him for his croft called Sawyers 2s
J and for Boultinghousecrofts 2s8d
J and for a parcel of waste enclosed to the said croft 1d
J and for a cottage and garden called Mugges alias Princes 1d1h B(inserted)
b and for Crosfield late belonging to Boxteds tenement 6d B(inserted)
b and for his tenement called Tredgolds 13d1h B(inserted)
b M and for Sandepitte Croft 15d D(inserted)
b and for Inhams 15d
J and for a parcel late of mr Pierson's orchard 2d B(inserted)
M and for a croft called Wastlins alias Mourdons 2d1h