Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

1607-1629 (1607)

document 22600187

22.12.1614 being thursday my wife was delivered of a daughter between four and five of the clock at night the 17.12.1614 following the child was christened and named Mabel by my brother my sister Lawson and mrs Hawksbey 18.3.1618 Hen Clench was married to my daughter Jane in Earls Colne church 22.5.1619 Wm Nevill was married to my daughter Mary in Earls Colne church 16.6.1625 my daughter Clench was bought abed of a son the 9.6.1625 at my house her husband being dead at xmas before this son was christened and named Hen the 16.6.1625 by myself my cousin Geo Harlakenden and mrs Marshall 12.7.1568 Rich Harlakenden was born so that 12.7.1628 I was 60yrs old 16.3.1576 Margt the daughter of Edw Huberd esq was baptised at Christ Church Roger Harlakenden who died in .1.1603 was christened in Warehorne in .8.1541 so when he died he was 61yrs6months old 2.9.1629 my daughter Ann was married by mr Hawksby to mr Jn Eden of Balingdon having given him security for 1000li and lent him 200li for a year and rate he came home 28.9.1629