Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

1631-1658 (1653)

document 22600561

22.11.1653 my son Rich Harlakenden had a daughter born of mrs Mary his wife on 22.11.1653 being tuesday about two o'clock in the morn or somewhat after born in Pauls Churchyard London and baptised the same day at home by mr     minister of the place and the name of it was Mary the mother's name 14.10.1655 my son Rich Harlakenden had a son born by Mary his wife on 14.10.1655 being the lords day about eleven o'clock in the forenoon or somewhat after born at Colne Priory in the low chamber and baptised twenty fifth being thursday 25.10.1655 at Colne Priory by mr Josselyne our pastor and the name of it was Rich the fathers and my own name and it died and was buried in Colne chancel about a fortnight or three weeks after it was baptised 5.4.1657 my son Rich had a daughter by Mary his wife on 5.4.1657 being the lords day between the hours of ten and eleven o'clock in the night being born in the low chamber at Colne Priory and it was baptised on 16.4.1657 by mr Josselin our pastor and it was named Eliz the grandmother's name and mrs Eliz Meredith deceased 15.12.1657 I married my daughter Margt unto Jn Eldred esq the son of Jn Eldred esq of Stanaway in the county of Essex with whom I gave 2000li portion a 1000li paid within a month of it and if it be paid accordingly 400li to be paid six months after and this is paid(inserted) and 400li six months after that to the father and this paid after(inserted) the last 200li to the son and it is paid to my son(inserted) and if he have neither wife nor child alive by her in three years space then the son to pay me or my heir the 200li back again within six months after their death and his father settled 450li per annum upon them and their heirs male and promises to leave his son 500li per annum after the death of him and his wife 350li is tied fast upon her eldest son if she have any 250li a year is my daughter's jointed after the death of her father in law and above 200li a year during his life if no sons a provision of 3000li is made for their daughters the father sets out 200li per annum for their present maintenance they live with him and are to pay for their diets my son in law is a pretty lawyer a barrister of two or three years standing and pleadeth the marriage was carried very quietly and piously on no difference of no side but much love and hearty entertain and much welcome at both our houses the lord hath much heard and answered my prayers in this business for I feared my daughter would have done much worse paid the 1000li speedily after the marriage paid the 200li to my son upon the condition and took one bond of him to repay if he paid the next 400li and paid the last 400li on 1.11.1658 so that all the portion is fully paid and took in my bonds 14.10.1658 my son Rich Harlakenden had another son born by Mary his wife on 14.10.1658 being thursday about six o'clock at night in the low chamber and it was baptised the next day being friday in the afternoon privately and the name of it was Rich as the former by mr Josselin our pastor this son died and was buried about one quarter of a year after in Colne chancel