Harlakenden Account Book (ERO Temp.Acc.897)

1631-1658 (1631)

document 22600298

about .5.1630 I was married to the daughter of sir Hen Mildemay and with whom I had 1200li portion paid within a year and half a years diet for myself wife servants and horses and likewise a deed under sir Hen Mildemay's hand and seal for the payment of 600li more if any of my wife's sisters die maids in his lifetime 19.7.1631 my son Rich Harlakenden was then born of the daughter of sir Hen Mildemay who then died 19.7.1631 I lived after my first wife's death about three years a widower my father died 22.8.1631 14.8.1634 I married to my second wife Mary Denney the daughter of sir Edw Denney of Starford Parsonage in Hertfordshire with whom I had 1200li down for her portion of my lady her mother and 50li per annum out of Stardford Parsonage settled upon me and my wife and our heirs out of one lease of St Pauls after my lady's decease 4.6.1635 my daughter Margt was born of the body of my wife Mary Denney the 4.6.1635 at nine of the clock being thursday and my uncle Thos Harlakenden my lady Denney and my lady Mildemay were witnesses to her mr Haukesbee preached 2.11.1636 being Tuesday my daughter Mary was born about five o'clock on tuesday morn 2.11.1636 and my sister Earle and my sister Eden and my cousin Wm Harlakenden of Yeldham christened the same at Colne mr Marshall preached at the baptism 11.3.1638 being the lords day my daughter Eliz was born into the world about half an hour after one of the clock in the afternoon on the sabbath day and was afterwards christened at Starford Parsonage where my wife lay in at her mother's and the witnesses was mrs Eliz Horse widow and dr Elmor's widow that was and my cousin Wm Harlakenden my uncle's son 4.7.1649 I made a bargain with my daughter Margt and Eliz and gave them each of them a 5s6d a piece of old sovereign gold and they promised me for the same before their mother that they would not harken to any motion from any man but they should presently acquaint me or their mother with the same or if they had a mind to any they should discover it to me or their mother and be ruled in their marriages by us and if I should die before their mother be ruled by her they promised me this 4.7.1649 3.8.1650 I made a bargain with my daughter Margt and Eliz and gave each of them 20s a piece in half-crowns and they promised never to go with their bosoms open and naked but close with neckcloths as long as their mother and myself disliked it no although they were married 7.12.1652 my son Rich Harlakenden married to mrs Mary Meredith the only daughter of mr Xoph Meredith citizen and stationer in Pauls Churchyard London she being about 17years of age and he 21years and somewhat more much prayer and seeking to god by many godly ministers and friends about this match my son being above a year a suitor to her before he married with her and her father gave her in portion 500li in present money and a mortgage of his manor of Kempsee together with three bonds to pay 525li on 2.5.1654 and to pay 550li on 3.5.1655 and to pay 525li on 5.5.1656 and further to pay my son at London 100li more in case he have a child living by his wife three years after marriage or five years after marriage and a 100li per annum annuity to them and their heirs and assigns forever to commence presently after their fathers decease or eight years after 21.5.1653 which is in 21.5.1661 in case they have any child alive although their father be alive and I settled upon her for jointure in case my son die a rent charge of 200li a year with nomine paene out of the 400li settled upon him and his heirs male by her and made provision for daughters if no son vide the deed and covenanted that 200li more should come to him and his heirs in cause I had no son by any other woman and have engaged to allow them for present maintenance 180li per annum if they live from me for the first three years freed from taxes and 100li per annum for the first three years if they live with me the first payment to begin at midsummer .6.1653 and so to pay them half yearly and after the first three years to pay them 200li per annum if they live from me and 120li per annum if they live with me freed from all taxes payable at the same days and times half yearly at Colne Priory