King's Bench Ancient Indictments (PRO KB9/784 pt 2)

17.7.3Chas1 (Tuesday 17 July 1627)

document 13800049

Essex inquisition indented taken at Earls Colne in the county aforesaid on 17.7.3Chas1 before Edw Bridgewood gentleman one of the coroners of the said lord king for the county aforesaid upon the view of the body of Margt Williamson late of Earls Colne spinster then and there dead by the oaths of Jn Read Thos Smith Hen Abbot junior Wm Bricke Barth Clarke Israel Ennowes Ambr Waller Dan Lea Jn Pennocke Jn Hatch Thos Turner (may be Thos Turner) Jn Smith (may be Jn Smith) Thos Bullard and Simon Holding jurors and charged to enquire as to the nature of how and when the aforesaid Margt Williamson came by her death they the aforesaid say upon their oath that the aforesaid Margt Williamson on 7.7.3Chas1 about nine in the morning by diabolical instigation a t Earls Colne being alone in her dwelling house with a rope the value of 1h which she had in both hands put an end round her neck and fixed the other round a piece of timber called a brass# in the house and then and there wilfully and feloniously hanged and suffocated herself and thus the jury aforesaid upon their oaths say that the aforesaid Margt Williamson only and in the form aforesaid wilfully and feloniously did commit suicide by hanging and killed herself contrary to the peace of the said king his crown and dignity and otherwise the jury upon their oath aforesaid said that the aforesaid Margt Williamson at the time of her death was possessed of 9s2d in money and various goods and chattels mentioned in a schedule attached to the value of 6li2s8d remain in the hands and keeping of Thos Harlakenden of Earls Colne gentleman and the jury upon their oath aforesaid say that the aforesaid Margt Williamson at the time of her death aforesaid did not possess in any way at the end more goods or chattels otherwise to the knowledge of the jury in witness whereof to this indented inquisition the coroner with the aforesaid jury one after the other do append their seals the day and year abovesaid