Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

19.9.1604 (Wednesday 19 September 1604)

document 33100108

the said homage present that Edw Cooe gentleman 6d Rich Haynes gentleman 6d Robt Partridge in right of his wife Wm Bridge 4d Hen Bird 4d Jeremy Morgan 4d Agnes Babie widow Jn London 4d the heirs of Rich Enewes 4d Jn Kinge 4d Jn Aylett 4d Joan Pierson widow 4d Adam March 4d Jn Potter of Lagneho 4d Wm Rayner 4d Robt Aymes 4d Jn Brownson 4d Roger Bridge 4d Thos Polley in right of his wife 4d Thos Smith 4d the heirs of Jn Brett 4d Walt Newman 4d Edw Prentice 4d Geo Pilgrime 4d Ann Nicholson widow 4d Thos Annealye 4d Thos Aylett in right of his wife 4d Jn Cutler 4d Alice Leffingwell widow 4d Robt Hicks in right of his wife 4d Agnes Boundes 4d Jn Wade junior 4d Edw Watson 4d Tabitha Hayward 4d Thos Smith alias Baylie 4d Wm Enewes 4d are tenants of the said manor and owe suit at this court and this day solemnly required to appear did not appear but made default therefore each of them in mercy as is shown above their names