Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

22.5.3Jas1 (Wednesday 22 May 1605)

document 33100479

at this court Jn Church gentleman Thos Leffingwell Hen Abbott senior Hen Abbott junior in the right of his wife Edw Clements Jn King Jn Middleton Wm Rayner Jn Evans Jn Pierson Thos Smith in right of his wife Geo Pilgryme Israel Ennewes Thos Aylett in right of his wife Jn Cutler Lance Gilott Jn Bunting Margt Pullen widow Rich Allen Robt Partridge in right of his wife Geo Mole in right of his wife tenants of the lord and residents within this view appeared in person and made their separate suits and were released from the homage on this particular day from instituting the pleas of the court