Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr21)

29.3.1627 (Thursday 29 March 1627)

document 34000892

at this court it is shown by the homage that Jane late wife of Thos Durden (Robt Durden) who held for herself and her assigns for her lifetime certain parcels of land viz one parcel of land with a house and garden built thereon lying upon the northern part of a close containing 6a2r of land lying next to illegible text called Wildefield and containing in it 5a1r as it is now divided with dools and also the northern part or parcel of the lord's aldercarr called Oxen Fen containing by estimation 4a2r with ways and appurtenances pertaining to the same and one croft of land with appurtenances enclosed late of Bradfeild containing 4a more or less the remainder thereof after the said decease to Thos Machin the elder son of Thos Machin and Jane and the heirs of the body of the said Thos the son legitimately procreated or to be procreated and in default of such issue then the remainder thereof to the next heir of Jane herself forever as by a copy of a court roll here in court shown and bearing the date 19.5.1619 it is clearly shown and appears after the last court and before this court she died seised of such her estate now in open court and person came the aforesaid Thos Machyn the son being under age viz aged 16yrs or thereabouts and humbly sought that the lord should grant and give custody both of the body and of the lands and customary tenements of the aforesaid Thos after the aforesaid death of Jane his mother to Margt Parker his aunt until the aforesaid Thos should reach the age of twenty one years to whom the same said Margt Parker by illegible text her deputy the lord by the aforesaid steward granted custody and thus both of the body and illegible text of the aforesaid tenements with the rents and services thereunto belonging and to find for the said Thos all necessaries and to give thereof the profits to the aforesaid Thos when he shall reach his full age and the aforesaid Margt gave to the lord for a fine as is shown in the margin     but fealty was respited until etc and she was admitted thereof guardian