Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr22)

17.2.1631 (Thursday 17 February 1631)

document 34100920

who being sworn and charged say upon their oath that Steph Nettles clerk 12d Math Sympson clerk 12d Edm Brewer clerk 12d Wm Hutt gentleman 12d Wm Aylett gentleman 6d Jn Fokes gentleman 6d Jeff Potter of Manningtree 12d Edw Potter 12d Jn Potter 4d Geo Potter 4d Rich Bridge 6d Wm Brewer 6d Susan March 6d Mich Heyward 3d Wm Greene 3d Francis Hunwick 3d Robt Davy 4d Jn Wade 6d Thos Bowles in right of his wife 6d and Rich Essex of Mersey 12d are tenants of this manor and owe suit of court and this day made default therefore each of them in mercy as is shown above their names