Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr22)

21.7.1631 (Thursday 21 July 1631)

document 34101416

at this court Jn Hawksby clerk Wm Stephens gentleman Rose Church widow Mary Church Jn Fowkes gentleman Hen Abbott Dan Ames Edw Fynch Agnes Bird Rich Warde Simon Holden in right of his wife Jn Bridge Rich Bridge Robt Rookes Joseph Harvy Ambrose Waller Thos Machin Thos Prior senior Thos Hales Geo Potter Robt Crowe Dan Lea Mich Hayward Mary Upcher widow Roger Brownson Jn Wade Wm Hunwicke Rich Essex of Mersey Hen Cony Giles Crow Robt Potter Hen Wade Roger Bewers and Sam Haddock tenants of this manor and suitors of this court made their separate suits this day and were released from the homage by the grace of the court