Colne Priory Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr23)

17.1.1655 (Wednesday 17 January 1655)

document 34901294

M Sanders wife of Andrew Sanders Cole Grove whereas at a court held for the said manor 17.4.10Jas1 etc Wm Collins and Isabel his wife were admitted tenants to them and the heirs of the body of the said Isabel lawfully begotten to one grovet or bushet now arable and pasture ground and upon part whereof one tenement is erected called Cole Grove also Colne Grove containing by estimation 1a2r lying in Halstead the remainder thereof for lack of such issue to Geo Sewell and his heirs now at this court it was presented by the homage that the said Wm Collins and Isabel are since dead and that Mary the wife of Andrew Sanders citizen and girdler of London is the daughter of the said Isabel lawfully begotten but whether she or Geo Collins of Halstead weaver be the right heir of the said Isabel they know not whereupon the said Mary by Jn Chaplen gentleman as her attorney and deputy did come and at her own peril prayed to be admitted tenant to the said premises to whom the lord of the said manor by his said steward did grant and deliver thereof seisin by the rod to have and to hold the said premises to the said Mary and to the heirs of her body of the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the said manor by the rents services and customs due and the said Andrew and Mary gave to the lord for a fine and so she was admitted tenant saving the right of the said Geo Collins and all that claim under him etc if he or they have any right