Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr77)

23.10.1616 (Wednesday 23 October 1616)

document 37801351

at this court it is shown by the homage that Geof Little gentleman 6d Hen Drury gentleman 6d Jn Hunwick# 4d Sam Haddock 3d in right of his wife Chas Huntisman 3d in right of his wife Steph Ball 3d in right of his wife Hen Bridge 3d Geo Cockerell# Fulc Cartmell in right of his wife 3d Dina Wade widow 2d Nath Kinge 6d Jn Prentice of Gores 3d Thos Man 2d Roger Brownson 2d Kath Greene widow 2d Thos Prentice 2d Robt Armenall alias Miller 3d Jas Burton 2d Thos Allen 3d Jn B# Clem Turnor 3d Thos Sillito junior 2d Edw Newton 2d Esdras Pearetree alias Evans 2d and Sam Burton senior 3d are residents within the boundary of this leet and made default this day therefore each of them in mercy as is shown above their heads