Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr79)

4.1.1659 (Tuesday 4 January 1659)

document 39300522

at this court it was presented by the homage that sir Jn Jacob knight a customary tenant of the said manor since the last court that is to say upon 24.8.1658 did surrender into the hands of the lord of the said manor by the hands of Jn Woolhouse in place of the bailiff and in the presence of Wm Adams senior and Jn Clerke two customary tenants of the said manor all that his whole part estate right and interest of and into a meadow or parcel of ground called Pakes Gate Mead otherwise Ringers with the appurtenances and of and into every part and parcel thereof lying near Colne Park being lately three parts divided out of four and containeth in the whole by estimation 10a more or less to the use of such person and persons and for such estate and estates as Geo Cressner of Earls Colne gentleman or his heirs shall nominate limit and appoint at the next court to be held for the said manor and until such nomination limitation or appointment to the use of the said Geo Cressner his heirs and assigns forever which said three parts of the said premises with a tenement thereupon standing and since by consent of the lord of said manor taken down the said sir Jn Jacob did take to him and his heirs in reversion after the decease of Eliz Wiseman the wife of Joseph Wiseman gentleman by the surrender of Robt Till and Margt his wife Rich Parkinson Geo Bentall and Ann his wife the said Margt Rich and Ann being three of the four coheirs of Rich Parker deceased as by the rolls of the court bearing date 19.8.1639 it doth appear which said Eliz divers years since died and thereupon at this court being the next court held after the said surrender made by the said sir Jn Jacob the said Geo Cressner without making any nomination limitation or appointment of any person or persons to whose use the said surrender should be did desire that he himself might be admitted tenant to the said three parts to whom the lord of the said manor by his said steward did grant and deliver thereof seisin by the rod to have and to hold the said three parts of the said meadow or parcel of ground and all the estate and interest of the said sir Jn Jacob of and in the same to the said Geo Cressner his heirs and assigns forever of the lord by the rod at the will of the lord according to the custom of the said manor by the rents and services due etc and he gave for his fine