Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr80)

16.10.1673 (Thursday 16 October 1673)

document 39701178

whereas at a court here held 20.4.1636 Barth Clarke was admitted to him and his heirs to one rentary or messuage called Joullins or by what other name once Wm Browne's and at a court here held 5.4.1671 it appeared to the homage that on 20.10.1669 the said Barth surrendered the premises into the hands of the lord by the hands of Jn Alston instead of the bailiff in the presence of Jn Clark and Rich Wilson two customary tenants etc to the use and intention of his last will and testament now at this court it appeared to the homage that the said Barth died before this court upon which here into court came Joan the wife of Jn Alston and showed here in court the last will and testament of the said Barth in writing dated 11.10.1669 the tenor of which concerning the premises in these english words following item I give and bequeath unto Joan Alston my daughter and to her heirs forever the other part and parcel of the copyhold house or tenement commonly known by the name of Joulings wherein Jn Alston now dwelleth abutting on the king's highway on the north and on the south upon the lands of Geo Potter and on the east towards a certain drift way leading towards a certain copyhold tenement of Geo Potter aforesaid but my will and mind is that my daughter Joan should have that part wherein she and her husband Jn now dwelleth to be her proper use and her heirs forever paying or causing to be paid unto Mich Heyward the full and just sum of 6li of good and lawful money of England and my will and mind is that my daughter Joan and her husband should have free egress and regress to do what they please as well as the said Eliz in the yard and to be their proper own and to have part in it according to the two tenements illegible text the fence next Geo Potter's as by the said will plainly appears and the said Joan humbly petitioned admittance etc to whom the steward delivered seisin to have and to hold the said premises mentioned in the will aforesaid to the said Joan Alston her heirs and assigns according to the intentions in the will aforesaid of the lord etc and she gave for fine etc