Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr81)

9.3.1686 (Tuesday 9 March 1686)

document 40100774

at a court held 2.4.1662 Ann Burton widow and Wm Burton were admitted to them and the heirs of the said Wm to one messuage or tenement called Seabrights with appurtenances late in the occupation of Jn Pennock now at this court it appeared that the said Ann the mother of the said Wm died before this and that the said Wm on 30.5.1685 surrendered to the steward the said messuage to the uses here within mentioned that is to the use of Mary Pennock wife of Jn Pennock for and during the term of her life and after her death to the use of Robt Pennock son of the said Jn and Mary forever on condition that if the aforesaid Robt Pennock his heirs of assigns etc pay to Mary Pennock daughter of the said Jn and Mary sum of illegible text pounds within one year after the death of the said Mary or at her age of twenty one years and also to pay Ann Pennock another daughter of the said Jn and Mary 5li within two years after the death of Mary or at her age of twenty one years or marriage and on the further condition that if his sisters die then he is to pay the sums due to them to Wm Pennock son of Jn and for default of these conditions to the use of Robt Potter his heirs and assigns forever now at this court the said Mary Pennock and Robt Pennock by Robt Potter their attorney are admitted to Mary for her life to remain to the use of Robt forever on the conditions mentioned and gave fine and fealty respited