Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr84)

25.4.1718 (Friday 25 April 1718)

document 41300213

at this court it appears to homage that Jn Weston a customary tenant of this manor 20.8.1717 surrendered by the rod into hand of lord by hand of Solomon Grimston gentleman in place of the bailiff in presence of Hen Adams senior and Geo Wall two customary tenants of this manor etc all that customary messuage or tenement called Littmans with yards gardens and appurtenances to it belonging late Humph Ruggles deceased situate in Earls Colne and late in tenure of said Humph and held of this manor by copy of court roll to use of Jn Baker of Earls Colne yeoman his heirs and assigns forever who present here in court humbly petitions etc admitted to premises etc and was admitted tenant thereof and made his fealty for the premises