Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr86)

19.11.1744 (Monday 19 November 1744)

document 42600438

whereupon comes into court Rich Wale gentleman and personally demands of said Jn Burles the said lands and premises etc as his right and inheritance which Jn has not any entry but after a disseisin which Hugh Hunt thereof unjustly and without judgement has made to said Rich within thirty years etc whereupon declares that he was seised etc whereupon he brings suit etc the said Jn comes etc and defends his right and calls to warranty the said Jas and Eliz who are present etc and freely warrant etc to said Jn Rich demands against Jas and Eliz etc says he was seised etc the said Jas and Eliz etc come and defend etc call to warranty Sam Parkinson who present etc freely warrants said Jas and Eliz Rich demands against Sam etc says he was seised etc said Sam defends own right etc says that Hugh did not disseise said Rich of the premises etc as declaration does suppose and of this he puts himself etc the said Rich prays leave to imparl until four of the clock etc he has it the said Rich comes again etc said Sam though solemnly demanded does not come again but departed in contempt of court and makes default it is adjudged said Rich do recover seisin of premises etc against said Jn said Jn do recover of the lands of said Jas and Eliz to the value etc Jas and Eliz do recover of lands of said Sam to the value etc Sam is amerced etc said Rich prays a precept etc Isaac Potter officer of the court as bailiff returns and by force of precept etc did cause full seisin etc to be delivered to said Rich Rich comes and craves to be admitted etc lords by steward did grant seisin by the rod etc