Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

26.4.1414 (Thursday 26 April 1414)

document 55100083

fine 12d at this court the lord granted confirmed and ratified to Robt Kyrton Thos Kelet Jn Maldon one purpresture situated between a tenement of the said Robt on one part and a tenement of Wm Trot on the other part to be built upon which lately they had by a grant of the lady Matilda de Veer late countess of Oxford as shown in a roll for a court held tuesday in pentecost 1.6.7Hen4 and one parcel of a certain garden containing in length 80ft and in breadth to one head 37ft and to the other head 32ft as divided by the boundaries sometime of Thos Picardy lying between a tenement lately Lechard's on one part and the Tollehousegreen on the other part as shown in a roll for a court held on monday in crastina conversion of st paul 26.1.17Rich2 and one messuage with garden adjoining with their appurtenances sometime of Gilb Baret whereof one head of the said messuage with garden abuts on the tenement of Wm Lytyl on the eastern part and the other head upon a tenement of Roger Debenham on the western part lying in length along the king's highway from Halstead towards Colchester sometime of Jn Turnour and Gunnora his wife as shown in the roll of a court held thursday in conception of the blessed virgin 8.12.3Hen4 and one cottage with garden and appurtenances called Lytels as divided by the meets and bounds late enclosed of Alice late wife of Wm Clovyer as shown in a roll of a court held the day after xmas 26.12.14Hen4 and also one cottage sometime of Adam Cook and afterwards of Rich Goseboll and Kath his wife as shown in a roll of court held on monday 17.11.12Hen4 and also the reversion of one messuage with curtilage adjoining with appurtenances late of Jn Turnor after the death of Gunner late wife of the said Jn Turnor afterwards of Jn Lavenham and Thos Pruddeman as shown in a roll for a court held with view on tuesday in pentecost week 17.5.8Hen4 to whom the lord not at this court by his steward granted theref seisin to hold to the same said Robt Thos and Jn th eir heirs and assigns from the lord at the will of the lord by ancient services according to the custom of the manor saving the rights etc and they gave to the lord for a fine for the new confirmation to have as shown in the margin and made fealty to the lord