Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

4.6.3Hen5 (Tuesday 4 June 1415)

document 55200854

a new rent of 2marks it is presented that Robt Mathew in falsehood and deception to the lord Rich de Veer earl of Oxford was taken and dispossessed because he himself a certain charter which he showed and by which he claimed to hold certain lands and tenements from the lord falsely and unjustly the images under the name and seal of the lord Jn Veer late earl of Oxford guilefully counterfeited and the image of which same said charter bore a date in the time of Edw the late king of England which was of an age of sixty years by estimation and the aforesaid seal was contaminated with red wax of an age of less than one year whereof before the aforesaid lord and his counsel it was committed for their recognition which present judgement deserves to be handed down in writing and undertaken as submitted for which the aforesaid Robt humbly offered to the aforesaid lord earl his body and all and singular his goods and chattels for the harm to him and his name which should be granted to his dignity for this sort of falsification and the aforesaid lord earl on account of reverence for god almighty and for the salvation of the souls of his ancestors through the supplication of his council and his tenants on behalf of Robt by his grace showed mercy and whereof for satisfaction for the said falsification and guile it was considered by the said counsel that here in the court with view last preceding the same said Robt Mathew Robt Segge and Wm Ate Wode surrendered into the hands of the lord one messuage etc to the use of Jn Dunstale and others upon the condition that the aforesaid Jn Dunstale or others should pay to the same said Robt Mathew etc per annum 2marks of accustomed money at the feast of easter and michaelmas equally until a sum of 20marks should be fully paid upon pain of remitting etc as in the preceding court it plainly appeared and now to this court came Robt Mathew Robt Segge and Wm Ate Wode and surrendered to the lord all their right and estate both for the aforesaid 20marks and of reentry for default of payment to any lands and the lord granted to Jn Dunstale thereof seisin to hold to himself Margery his wife Thos Kelet and Jn Salvage their heirs and assigns for ancient services and customs saving the rights etc to return thereof to the same said lord or his certain attorney annually 26s8d sterling at the two annual terms equally viz at the feast of the nativity of st john baptist 13s4d and at the feast of xmas 13s4d during the term of ten years thus that the sum of 20marks shown previously should have been paid to the said Robt should be fully paid to the aforesaid lord earl and by making to the said Robt Mathews for the term of his life all other considerations as shown by the indentures thereof made between the same said Jn Dunstale and Robt Mathew and he made fealty