Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

23.4.1418 (Saturday 23 April 1418)

document 55500310

penalty mercy 2s2d and it is presented that Roger At Heyhouse 2d Wm At Wode 2d and Wm Prodeman 2d are suitors at court and made default therefore in mercy and that the tenement called Goules 3d the tenement of Rich Abraham 3d the tenement Heyhouse 2d the tenement Borwes 2d the tenement of Thos Bonyle 2d the tenement Bregemane 2d are in partial ruins therefore their tenants are in mercy and it is presented to each of the tenants of the said tenements to repair against xmas.next upon pain of 2s and that Rich Hosier 4d hunted within the lady's warren and repeatedly broke the hedges between the lady and his tenement therefore in mercy and that Wm son of Jn Gosse 2d is the lady's bondsman and is living outside the demesne viz at Colchester therefore in mercy and it is presented to attach by his body etc Jn Ate Park because he talked in court in contempt of court therefore in mercy 2d