Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr67)

17.4.1419 (Monday 17 April 1419)

document 55600075

fine 12d to this court came Thos Segge chaplain and Wm Roberd vicar of the church of Earls Colne Robt Segge junior and Jn Attewood senior and surrendered to the lord one messuage with appurtenances sometime Jn Segg's lying in Colne between the lord's land of the one part and the messuage of Wm Baker of the other part etc to the use of Wm Bome smith and Helen his wife their heirs and assigns yet on the condition following that the said Wm and Helen or their attorneys shall find and cause to be found for Mabel late the wife of the said Jn Segg her easements in the said messuage with firing living apparel meat and drink as well linen and woollen sufficient during the life of the said Mabel at their own proper costs and charges to whom the lord granted seisin thereof to hold to the same Wm and Helen their heirs and assigns on the condition aforesaid of the lord to the will of the lord etc and if it shall happen that the said Wm and Helen his wife of their attorneys make default in any bargain aforesaid in part or in whole it shall be found and proved by the examination of the tenants of the lord before the steward in the court here holden without fraud or coven that then it may be well and lawful by the lord's licence for the said Thos Segge chaplain Wm Roberte Robt Segg junior and Wm Attewood to reenter the said messuage with appurtenances and the same to retain without contradiction of any man whomsoever in form aforesaid and the said Wm and Helen gave the lord fine etc and made fealty