Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr67)

5.10.1420 (Saturday 5 October 1420)

document 55700787

fine 12d to this court came Thos Gernon and remitted released and forever from me and mine heirs quitclaimed to Wm Attewood Jn Wright of Colford Hill and heirs Rich Skinner and their heirs and assigns all right state and claim that I had or by any means may have in one messuage with appurtenances in Earls Colne which the said Wm Jn and Rich had of the surrender of Thos Smithe of Colford Hill as it lies between the churchyard of Earls Colne of the one part and the highway from Colne to Colchester one head abuts on the same way and the other on the way leading from the church of Earls Colne to the priory yet on this condition that if the said Thos Gernon or his attorneys pay to Jn Gernon his brother or his attorneys at michaelmas.next after the date of this court and at the michaelmas next following the said 12marks sterling without further delay in which the said Wm Attewood Jn Wright and Rich Skinner were bound to the said Jn Gernon by one writing obligatory thereof made of the same sum aforesaid and if the said Thos Gernon or his attorneys make default in the payment at the term aforesaid in part or in whole then it may be lawful for the said Wm Jn and Rich or attorneys to reenter and enjoy the said messuage aforesaid with appurtenances and the same to retain by the lord's licence forever to wit so that neither the said Thos Gernon nor his heirs nor any of them in his name ought to claim or challenge any right in the said messuage etc to whom the lord now at this court granted seisin thereof to hold to the said Wm Jn and Rich their heirs and assigns of the lord by the will of the lord etc and they gave fine etc and made fealty