Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr69)

19.5.1467 (Tuesday 19 May 1467)

document 59100402

fine 3d and to this court came Jn Bon Jon otherwise called Jn Turnor and Wm Bom who held estate together with Jeff Terlle now dead and surrendered into the hands of the lord openly in court one house called The Stable with The Cowhous built under one roof and with a garden parcel of a tenement sometime of Robt Mathewe and afterwards of Thos Prynce according as the said stable cowhouse and garden lies between a tenement late of the aforesaid Jn Bon Jon otherwise called Turnor and a tenement late of Robt Lyteman on one part and a parcel of land sometime parcel of Berecroft on the other part one head thereof abutting upon a tenement sometime Mathewe's now of the aforesaid Jn Bon Jon the other head abutting on a garden sometime of Lavenhame's now of Wm Sprigges together with one way parcel of Berecroft in which the same said Jn Bon Jon has estate and his estate thereof he surrendered according as on this day between them now let and with the hedges and ditches shown as far as Berecroft parcel of the manor with entry and exit for carrying driving and redriving being made there with their appurtenances to the use of Wm Kyrwyn Christine his wife Jn William Jn son of Steph Smyth Jn Keme and Jn Bukkere to whom the lord by his steward granted thereof seisin to them to hold to them and their assigns from the lord by the rod at the will of the lord and according to the custom of the manor provided always that the aforesaid Wm Kyrwyn Christine his wife and their cofeoffees should pay or any of them should pay or cause to be paid to the aforesaid Jn Bon Jon and his assigns tenants of the aforesaid tenement called Mathewes henceforward forever per annum 1d annual rent and for default of payment thereof there should be illegible text for the said 1d rent into the aforesaid stable cowhouse and garden with appurtenances by distraint and they should be distrained upon pain until the aforesaid annual rent of 1d should be fulfilled and payment made etc and the aforesaid Wm Kyrwyn and his cofeoffees gave to the lord for a fine and made fealty thereof