Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr71)

25.5.1518 (Tuesday 25 May 1518)

document 61200337

illegible text fine 6d and that Nich Moore which held jointly with Maud his wife deceased to them and the heirs of the the said Nich by the rod etc a certain parcel of land called Tollehouse Greene containing in length 6rods and in breadth 12rods as by the metes and bounds etc by the rent of 4d by year etc of the lord's grant as appears in a certain copy bearing date of tuesday in the week of pentecost in the 12Hen7 16.5.1497 here in the court brought forth and shown the said Nich and Maud his wife died seised before the last court the foresaid Maud the foresaid Maud (sic twice) as of her free tenement according to the custom of the manor and the same Nich in fee according to the custom of the same manor and they say that Agnes late the wife of Jn Sevar and Margt now the wife of Jn Estaie are the daughters and coheirs of the said Nich and of full age and have right etc and hereupon now in this court came the foresaid Margt together with the said Jn Estaie her husband and crave to be admitted to their whole part of the premises as to their right and inheritance and because it is so found therefore she is admitted the lord's tenant to hold to her and her heirs of the lord by the rod etc and the other half of the foresaid parcel of land the bailiff charged to seize and keeps in the lord's hands etc and answer the lord the issue thereof because the said Agnes came not to claim her part until etc and it is worth by year beside etc and the foresaid Jn Estaie and Maud (Margt ) his wife give fine as appears in the head etc and made fealty