Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr91 checked with D/DPr76)

13.9.1582 (Thursday 13 September 1582)

document 66301679

fine     it is found by the homage that Thos Pullen that held to him and his heirs of the lord by the rod etc one tenement called Jakes and one croft of customary land with the appurtenances late parcel of Lowfield late Jn Pynell's as by copy of court roll here holden on tuesday in the week of pentecost 4.6.2Eliz1 more at large appears out of the court and since the last court surrendered into the lord's hands by the hands of Jn Tostewood bailiff in the presence of Robt Reade and Thos Leffingwell the lord's customary tenants and other the same witnessing all the premises with the appurtenances to the use and behoof of Rich Heyward his heirs and assigns on condition following viz that if the foresaid Rich Heyward his heirs executors or assigns pay or cause to be paid to the foresaid Thos Pullen his executors administrators or assigns 30li of good and lawful money etc upon michaelmas.1584 at the now dwelling house of Robt Reade in Earls Colne aforesaid without fraud or further delay whereupon now came the foresaid Rich Heyward and prayed to be admitted to the premises according to the form of the surrender aforesaid to whom etc to hold to him his heirs and assigns of the lord by the rod etc and he giveth fine etc and made fealty etc