Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

9.6.35Eliz1 (Saturday 9 June 1593)

document 66902457

whereas at the leet with the court here holden on tuesday in the week of pentecost in 1 and 2PhM1 4.6.1555 Jn Leffingwell and Alice his wife were admitted the lord's tenants to them and the heirs of the said Jn to a customary tenement with appurtenances late of Jn Hay in Colne aforesaid as by the roll of the same court here shown in court plainly appeareth now the homage aforesaid present that since the last court and out of this court the foresaid Jn Leffingwell surrendered into the lord's hands by the hands of Jn Tyffen instead of the bailiff in the presence of Jn Church and Robt Reade two customary tenants the same witnessing according to the custom of the manor the foresaid tenement by the name of one tenement with appurtenances now in the occupation of Rich Clerk to the use and behoof of his last will and testament the tenor whereof concerning the tenement aforesaid followeth in these words viz I will that my customary tenement wherein one Rich Clerk now dwelleth shall be sold by mine executrix or her assigns within three years next after my decease to pay my debts as by the same will brought forth and shown here in court under the seal of the ordinary of the place appeareth