Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

14.6.1595 (Saturday 14 June 1595)

document 67001014

also they say upon their oaths that Wm Barnard gentleman 6d Geo Sayer gentleman 4d Dan Siday gentleman 4d     Marshall gentleman 4d Jn Cockerell 4d Anth Ennews 4d Wm Ennewes 4d Jn Graunt in the right of his wife 4d Robt Michell 4d Jn Prentice 4d the heirs of Rich Prentice 4d Ralph Siday 4d Francis Wentford 4d Rich Smith joiner 4d Wm Clarke of Pebmarsh 4d Jn King 4d Francis Stephens in the right of his wife 4d Simon Turner 4d Thos Collyn 4d Jn Brewer glover 3d Hen Morley 3d Jn Wentforth 3d Hen Pollie 3d Moses Tailor 3d Jn Layr 3d Thos Pollie junior 3d Wm Garrard 3d Jn Hatche 3d Steph Champney 3d Hen Wright 3d Edw Wade in Coggeshall way 3d Robt Clark 3d Simon Kendal 3d Wm Disheborne 3d Thos Allen (may be Thos Allen) junior 3d and Thos Leffingwell junior 3d are tenants and residents within the precincts of this leet and this day have made default therefore every of them is severally in mercy as appeareth etc