Earls Colne Manor Court Rolls (ERO D/DPr76)

22.9.41Eliz1 (Saturday 22 September 1599)

document 67200625

and that Edm Potter held to himself and his heirs by copy of court roll of the manor aforesaid certain customary lands and tenements called Skinners Burtons Barn or Burtons Garden Gentries three crofts of land containing 12a called Broomecrofts and one croft of land containing 11a with a way leading from the field aforesaid to hunt and chase and to a meadow late parcel of Bearcroft containing 3a held by the rent of 21s6d per annum and that he surrendered two pieces or parcels of pasture called Broomcrofts containing 5a more or less lying next to a way leading from Earls Colne to Colne Park and a croft of land called The Upper Broomfield containing by estimation 7a more or less according to the custom of the manor to the work and use of Xoph Isaack and his heirs now at this court came the aforesaid Xoph and petitioned by licence for a division of the rent of the said lands upon which agreement here in court shown to the whole homage with the consent of Roger Harlakenden lord of the manor aforesaid that the foresaid Xoph Isaack to pay a part of the rent himself of 8s and that Edw Potter son and heir of Edw pay the residue for the lands and tenements aforesaid 13s4d at the usual ter ms of the manor aforesaid