Chancery Depositions (PRO C24/497 part 2 no 63 Harlakenden v Rosse examination of Simon Ive)

15.2.1623 (Saturday 15 February 1623)

document 17702465

says that he very well knoweth Edw Rosse gentleman and Rose his wife named for the complainants in this suit and Rich Harlakenden esq Jeff Cuckoe Ralph Lunt and Prudence his wife named for he doth and do also well know Roger Harlakenden esq the late deceased father of the said defendant Rich Harlakenden and he doth also say that about thirty six or thirty seven years since there were divers suits in divers several courts brought and were revived by the said Roger Harlakenden the said defendant's late father against this deponent's late father but not any against this deponent that he can remember saving one suit only which the said Roger brought against this deponent's father this deponent and divers others in the honourable court of star chamber for a supposed riot but this deponent's father to this deponent's knowledge never brought any action or suit against the said Roger Harlakenden but one and before such time as this deponent's father had judgement therein he died and this deponent saith that he now remembreth not any suit or suits between the said defendant and this deponent for any business whatsoever